About Leirun

Feel the charm of natural life at home

Zhejiang Leirun Industrial Co., Ltd. is a product-oriented enterprise focusing on research and development, manufacturing, and promotion.

We Are a Professional Garden Greenhouses Manufacturer and Outdoor Greenhouse Supplier in China

, Our products are well-loved in Europe, North America, Australia, and other developed countries.

Why choose Rerun

  • Continuous R&D and Innovation

    Based on the market data provided by consumers, build a professional R&D team, and always do a good job in product iteration and innovation (annual new product volume 10)
  • Products are diverse

    Our products use raw materials of different costs and set the prices of the products in three categories, high, medium and low, which can satisfy consumers with different needs.
  • Focus on quality

    We have our own laboratory and high-quality testing equipment in the industry to ensure product quality.
  • More competitive price

    We are a production-oriented enterprise, so we don't need to go through traders, so our prices are more advantageous.

What our customer say about us?

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